The freediving Project #nirsapneaproject is a research study that aims to provide knowledge of the regulatory mechanisms induced by sports Apnea through the observation of brain and muscle oxygen flows in trained athletes and relating variables such as training, body composition and food.

The technology used to monitor oxygen flows is done through Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS), where total hemoglobin, such as oxyhemoglobin and Deoxyhemoglobin can be controlled.

The objective of the project is to describe the effects on the kinetics of muscle and brain oxygen flows in trained apneists or scuba divers. The aim is to analyze the possible effects on the kinetics induced by a diet-nutrition program, as well as the effects according to body composition and the entranement of each athlete.

The design of the study is different depending on the proposed article and goes from the systematic revision (PRISMA) to the quasi-experimental study through an observational study. The show are trained and scuba divers, professionals or semi-professionals with a high level of experience and training.

This line of research seeks to extract relevant information from submaximal Static apnea in trained athletes. It aims to bring knowledge to the scientific community while transferring it to the athletes, physical trainers and other professionals involved.